ActionPoint - Delivering Market Research Insight

About Us

ActionPoint is an independent Hertfordshire-based market research company, established in 2004 to provide a fresh approach to Consumer and Business research (in London, wider UK and Europe) via a unique blend of multi-sector research experience and expert marketing knowledge designed to optimise clients' research spend.

ActionPoint is a Market Research Society Company Partner and all our work adheres to the Society's Code of Conduct. Our director is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and is also a CIM chartered marketer.

Key advantages of working with ActionPoint

We focus on four key factors, all impacting on the return from our clients' research investment:

1. Bespoke Project Design
Bespoke Project Design

We believe design is critical to project success. That's why we guarantee director-level input at this important research stage to ensure a tailored research method designed for our clients' objectives.

2. Marketing & MR expertise
Marketing & Market Research expertise

All our reporting is by a director level research experts. This provides not only expert interpretation of research findings, but clear recommendations and guidelines for your business.

3. Reporting Clarity
Reporting Clarity

A mix of colour charts, visuals and highlighted key statements are used to show at a glance the main insights and trends in a readable and easily digestible way. Click in to see our reporting example.

4. Personal/Consultancy Approach
Personal/Consultancy Approach

A consultancy approach is an integral part of working with ActionPoint. We are happy to give telephone advice without charge on research methodology, key points to consider or even whether research is necessary.